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23 12, 2022

5 Delicious Elk Burger Recipes

2023-01-23T14:04:33+00:00Cuisine, Elk Burger Recipes|

When guests visit Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, they’re in for a success-guaranteed elk hunt. With that in mind, guests can expect to take home freshly bagged elk meat.  One of the most popular ways to cook elk is by grilling it because it's a lean meat and cooks fast. Here at the ranch, one of our favorite things to eat is elk burgers. Turning your elk meat into a juicy burger is easy, and we’ve got some recipes that will leave your mouth watering! Here’s a look at some of our favorite elk burger recipes. Elk Burgers: Everything You Need [...]

13 06, 2020

North-To-Southwest BBQ Brisket Elk Meat Recipe

2021-02-10T00:08:02+00:00Cuisine, Recipes|

  Looking for a fantastic way to prepare some of that freshly bagged elk meat? You're in luck. We always keep an eye out for recipes that will complement the natural flavor of the game without overpowering it, and this excellent brisket fits the bill. Best of all, the process is largely hands-off, leaving you plenty of time to engage in other activities while it's cooking. Because we prefer the taste and texture of meat that's cooked over a real live fire, this recipe assumes the use of a premium charcoal grill.The optional pecan wood chips will provide a nice [...]

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