Our Dream

Bucks grazing in a field

aerial view of fieldsAbout thirty-five years ago, I started dreaming about owning this gorgeous piece of property, a perfect look-out point at the head of Wright Creek. The first time it came up for sale I couldn’t afford it. Fifteen years later I ran into the owner and told him that if he ever wanted to sell that ground, I wanted to buy it. He called later when he was ready to sell and thanks to Mr. Rassmussen, I finally bought this dream location. Since that time, my wife Alana and I have poured every spare minute and every spare dime—actually quite a few that weren’t to spare as well—into making this slice of country a world-class elk ranch.

I’ve enjoyed hunting since before I was old enough to hunt. As a kid I loved listening to Dad’s hunting stories. Elk have always been my favorite animals; when they bugle they’ll make the hair on the back of your neck stand up and your blood pump like never before. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience. Finding a really good bull is becoming a rare thing these days. I wanted to ensure my boys could experience the thrill of the hunt someday. I felt that with an elk ranch, I could provide them and many others with a great opportunity to get the bull of a lifetime on a hunt they’ll never forget.

lodge construction

We started digging the foundation for the lodge in September of 2005. Building it became a huge project demanding tons of man hours because the whole lodge is hand-crafted. All the logs were draw-knifed and fitted together by hand; the support beam in the center of the lodge was even cut from the surrounding forest. Because the lodge is so remote, it wasn’t practical to bring in power. Instead we were able to custom tailor an off-grid solar/generator/wind system. Generating all of our own water and power is a great feeling. Vaulted ceilings, grand views, wrap-around decks, relaxing accommodations; staying at the lodge is an experience in itself. Knowing that luxury was our goal, we added all the amenities to make your stay as much a vacation as a hunt. It took a lot of extra time, but you’ll notice it’s the details that make it great. Two years later, we finally finished. While you’re with us we want it to feel like your home as much as ours.

Jeff and Alana sitting on stairs

Alana and I were both raised in this area. I have two older girls and we have three boys together. Our religious background and strong family values make our family the best part of life. Whether we are riding our horses in the mountains, roping in our arena, riding the 4-wheelers, snowmobiling, fishing, playing, or working the elk, we love spending time together and enjoying the beautiful country we’ve called home all our lives. The hard-working ethics of the West prevail in our family and at the ranch.

We are excited to meet you and help you create the experience you’ve only dreamed of. I’ve spent my life chasing that elusive monster bull, and we’re so excited to help you get yours.

Jeff & Alana Lerwill