Basics of the Hunt

  • Man posing with large elk antlers.
  • two elk on a hill
  • archer posing with arrow drawn
  • aerial view of fields
  • Person standing on rocky bluff.
  • men in field scouting elk

You will be met at the lodge at 6pm (or by appointment) the evening of your 1st day. Because the elk are the most active at day break, most of the hunting is done in the mornings, this will give you the best opportunity to get a nice bull. The hunt ends at noon on your third day. (arrive Sunday evening and leave Wednesday by noon or arrive Wednesday evening and leave Saturday by noon).

Our professional guides are some of the best in the business and are eager to help you bag a trophy bull. We hunt either on foot or ATV’s. Hunts will be fully guided, either one-on-one or two-on-one with a guides. If you come as a group that wants to hunt together, we can accommodate that as well.

Because this is a private high fence ranch, we are not bound by season dates; you don’t have to draw to hunt and you don’t have to purchase expensive out-of-state licenses. You can also choose any hunting method you want; rifle, archery, hand gun, crossbow, or even black powder. We can design a hunt as challenging as you would like. Please let us know what your expectations are and we will tailor an experience just for you.

You may be our personal guest in our beautiful lodge or you may book a nearby hotel in Rexburg, ID if you prefer. There is no extra charge for a non-hunting companion that shares your room. Three meals a day, snacks and sodas will be provided. There is no smoking in the lodge. Alcohol is not provided, but you may bring your own if you need.


We have a variety of terrain to hunt on. There are several canyons and draws on the property, with a creek running in the bottom of the biggest, below the lodge. Dense Pine and Quaking Aspen forests coat the canyons and up on top, there are open, rolling sagebrush meadows that span the space between the canyons.

Meat Processing

We have a local meat processor for those wishing to have their elk cut and frozen before you leave. For those who are flying in, you can use coolers for luggage and you can take most of it with you on the plane, or you can have it shipped 2-day air so it stays frozen.  This averages $5-$7/lb depending on your zip code. Standard meat processing cost is .99/lb which covers your basic roasts, steaks and burger.  They do have a smoker so specialty sausages, snack sticks or jerky are also available for an extra cost.  Our processor’s vacuum seal packaging is excellent, and keeps the meat fresh much longer than traditional butchering methods. Three or four 48 quart coolers will usually be enough to take home the meat from a bull elk.  We can also crate and ship the cape and antlers for those interested in this service for an extra fee.


We have an excellent taxidermist available should you desire to have your trophy mounted before shipping. Caping to prep the hide for a shoulder mount is $150. Shoulder Mounts start at $1,350. European Mounts (skull & antlers) are $375 for elk and $425 for bison, Antlers on a wood plaque mount is $375. Shipping & crating charges are extra.

We offer an exclusive service for those who want their mounts fast:

24-Hour Turnaround on Taxidermy!

For $2275, you can take your mount home with you!  The taxidermist will take your antlers to their shop the day you harvest your trophy and return them to you the next day on the mount you select.  Of course, these mounts were completed earlier in the year, professionally tanned and completely finished; all they lack are the antlers. This way you can inspect the workmanship up front. This does require a cape exchange.


Gratuities are not included in the price of your hunt. There is no extra fee for our guide service, but working for tips, the guides and the cook appreciate your recognition of their efforts. Tip amounts are completely up to you, but around 10% of your hunt for the guide and $400-$600 for the cook is industry average.


A $2000 deposit will reserve your dates on our calendar, with the final payment on your hunt due by August 1st of the year you hunt. Idaho also requires us to charge a sales tax of 6% on all our hunts.