Bucks grazing in a field

The lodge sits at approximately 7,000 feet above sea level. Average temperatures during the winter months range from 27 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit; it’s not unusual to see several days dip into the negatives too. During July, the hottest month, average temperatures float around 85 degrees during the day and 48 degrees at night. The days are often dry and windy, with the occasional thunderstorm cooling off the baked ground. Average precipitation during June, the wettest month, is 1.77 inches. Annual precipitation, including melted snow, is 13.77 inches. Annual snowfall is about 66 inches.

During the hunting months, you’ll typically find September’s high at 70 with a low of 35; October’s high at 60 with a low of 25; and November’s high at 40 with a low of 15. Snow regularly arrives at the ranch by mid-November. Please check the weather before you come so you are prepared for the right weather.  Our weather changes frequently in the fall, so think layers when you pack so you are prepared for the varied temperatures.

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