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17 03, 2023

Explore Idaho’s Sand Dunes: The St. Anthony Sand Dunes

2023-04-17T17:29:27+00:00St. Anthony Sand Dunes|

If you're looking for a unique outdoor adventure, the St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho should be on your list. With over 10,000 acres of white quartz sand, the St. Anthony Sand Dunes are the perfect playground for outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, families, and more.  Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch in Newdale, Idaho, is about a 45-minute drive from the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, making for a convenient day trip. Our ranch is a hit with those looking for outdoor adventures in Idaho. However, before you embark on a memorable trip to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, there are a few things [...]

1 01, 2023

Buffalo Hunts Near Me: Go Hunting at Our Idaho Ranch

2023-02-01T16:32:14+00:00Idaho Buffalo Hunts|

Buffalo hunting is a thrilling and unique experience that offers adventure and excitement for any hunter. If you're looking for "buffalo hunts near me," look no further than Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. Our beautiful ranch is located in Newdale, Idaho, on the eastern side of the state. We offer guided buffalo hunts that are sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you're a seasoned buffalo hunter or new to hunting these gentle giants, you'll love the experience of our guided hunts. Buffalo Hunting: Know Before You Go Buffalo are a unique hunting target. In the U.S., most states don't allow [...]

23 12, 2022

5 Delicious Elk Burger Recipes

2023-01-23T14:04:33+00:00Cuisine, Elk Burger Recipes|

When guests visit Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, they’re in for a success-guaranteed elk hunt. With that in mind, guests can expect to take home freshly bagged elk meat.  One of the most popular ways to cook elk is by grilling it because it's a lean meat and cooks fast. Here at the ranch, one of our favorite things to eat is elk burgers. Turning your elk meat into a juicy burger is easy, and we’ve got some recipes that will leave your mouth watering! Here’s a look at some of our favorite elk burger recipes. Elk Burgers: Everything You Need [...]

10 11, 2022

The Best Holiday Gift Ideas for an Elk Hunter

2022-12-19T15:27:04+00:00Gift Ideas Hunter|

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about shopping for gifts. If you still have to get a gift for the elk hunter in your life, the team at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch has you covered. Not only do we offer 100 percent success-guaranteed elk hunts at our Idaho ranch, but we're also happy to share our knowledge so you can find the perfect gift for your loved one. Continue reading for a few gift ideas for elk hunters. 5 Gift Ideas the Elk Hunter in Your Life Will Love There are tons of possibilities for [...]

19 10, 2022

What to Know About Our Guided Elk Hunts in Idaho

2022-12-19T15:31:07+00:00Guided Elk Hunt in Idaho|

Experience the adventure of a lifetime on one of Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch's guided elk hunts in Idaho. For over a decade, our well-appointed lodge has served as the ideal home base for eager hunters, and you could be the next to experience the thrill of hunting here.  Today, we're giving you a look behind the curtain and providing you with some information you should know about our guided elk hunts in Idaho. If our services sound like something you will enjoy, we implore you to start planning your trip. Before that, here's a sneak preview of what you can [...]

27 09, 2022

The Ultimate Elk Hunting Pack List

2022-10-27T13:50:33+00:00Elk Hunting Pack List, Guided Elk Hunt in Idaho|

Elk hunting season is upon us. Before getting out and enjoying the crisp air and the thrill of the hunt, you must ensure you have everything you need for a successful and comfortable outing. If you need a little assistance, the team at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is here to help. We lead guided elk hunts at our Idaho ranch, so we know all about packing for a hunt. Here's our elk hunting pack list to ensure you're fully prepared. The Complete Pack List for Elk Hunting There's nothing worse than going on a hunting vacation and realizing you've forgotten [...]

29 08, 2022

Elk Rutting Season: What to Know

2022-09-29T21:13:44+00:00Elk Rutting Season, Guided Elk Hunt in Idaho|

If you’ve done any research into elk hunting, you’ve probably heard the word “rut” or “rutting” mentioned. Rutting season is a massive event for elk and those who hunt them every year; this is when the elk breed. During the rut, elk behavior changes significantly, and if you don’t know about it, you’ll be caught off guard.  Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is here to share our wisdom on elk rutting season with you. The guided elk hunting trips we offer at our Idaho ranch take place during the rut, so we have all of the information you’ll need. Continue reading [...]

19 06, 2022

Fun Facts About Elk That You Probably Didn’t Know

2022-07-19T12:52:59+00:00Elk Hunting Tips, Fun Facts About Elk|

Elk are majestic creatures. At Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, we interact with these animals on a regular basis, offering success-guaranteed hunts at our lodge in Idaho. As such, we're quite fond of these magnificent beasts and have a lot of knowledge about them. We're happy to share our expertise with you, so we've created a list of fun facts about elk that you probably didn't know.  1. Bulls and Cows If you're a hunter, this fact probably isn't news to you, but for the uninitiated, male elk are known as bulls, and female elk are known as cows. This terminology [...]

6 06, 2022

Embrace Debate: What’s the Best State for Elk Hunting?

2022-07-06T13:31:36+00:00Best State For Elk Hunting, Guided Elk Hunt in Idaho|

What’s the best state for elk hunting? That’s a question that hunters have asked countless times, and there’s no consensus answer. However, the team at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch wants to get to the bottom of it. We’ve researched the best states for elk hunting and have determined the top state.  The Contenders To answer the question of the best state for elk hunting, we needed to narrow the field. Some states don’t have any elk to hunt, making them easy cuts. Next, we considered the number of hunting opportunities. Using that as a factor, we whittled our list down [...]

27 05, 2022

The Search for the Best White Water Rafting in Idaho

2022-07-06T13:25:57+00:00Idaho Activities, Idaho Lodging|

Are you looking for your next adventure? One of the most thrilling activities out there is white water rafting. If you’re looking for wet and wild fun in the great outdoors, this is the perfect activity for you. Visitors and locals alike have discovered that Idaho is one of the best white water rafting destinations in the U.S.  3 of the Best White Water Rafting Destinations in Idaho If you’re planning your next white water rafting trip to Idaho, you’re in luck; the team at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is here to help. Our elk ranch in Idaho has helped [...]

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