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8 06, 2021

Why Our Idaho Ranch is Perfect for Elk Hunting Beginners

2021-07-08T12:48:43+00:00Guided Elk Hunt in Idaho, Hunting, Idaho Lodging, Idaho Vacation Spots, Newdale ID|

Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is tucked away into the mountains of Southeast Idaho, surrounded by nature in every direction. Idaho may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of elk hunting, but it should be. This beautiful, peaceful state is home to 114 mountain ranges that make up the state’s section of the Rocky Mountains. Idaho peaks reach over 12,000 feet. Additionally, over 120,000 elk roam throughout the state, from the sage bush deserts to the cloudy peaks of the central Idaho mountains. Regardless of your experience, there’s no better place to go for a [...]

15 05, 2021

Plan Your Corporate Retreat at Our Idaho Event Venue

2021-06-01T20:30:12+00:00Hunting, Idaho Activities, Idaho Event Venue, Idaho Lodging, Idaho Vacation Spots|

For over a year now, many teams have been working from the comfort of their homes. Modern technology allows team members to communicate from across oceans, oftentimes at an astounding level of success. But there is something about being physically in the same room that does wonders for a team’s camaraderie. Now that the pandemic restrictions are loosening and we can all take a collective breath, it’s time to start planning your corporate retreat with Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. Our Idaho event venue offers a unique and personal experience that is enjoyable for all. Leave the Details to Us Escape [...]

15 04, 2021

Discover Mesa Falls, a Stunning Rocky Mountain Hidden Gem

2021-05-28T19:24:07+00:00Idaho Activities, Idaho Lodging, Idaho Scenery, Idaho Vacation Spots, Most Beautiful Places in Idaho|

Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is tucked into the rocky peaks of Southeast Idaho and surrounded by the dramatic mountainous landscape that’s synonymous with the American West. States like Colorado and Utah usually dominate the discussions concerning the expansive Rocky Mountains. Still, Idaho is home to 114 mountain ranges that help make up the Rocky Mountains and has peaks that reach over 12,000 feet. Beyond the hunt, Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch provides a one-of-a-kind mountain lodge experience that combines the luxurious comforts of our cozy mountain lodge with the striking setting that’s home to natural wonders like Mesa Falls, Idaho.  The [...]

15 03, 2021

Essential Items for Your Elk Hunting Gear List


At Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch outside of Newdale, Idaho, our professional guides cater the hunt to your level of experience and desired difficulty. We are so confident you'll bring home an elk that we 100% guarantee it! Regardless of how you decide to hunt (rifle, bow, handgun, black powder), there are a few essential items that you don't want to forget. To keep our guests in the know, we've made a handy guide regarding elk hunting gear must-haves that will help maximize your experience. Rifle vs. Archery Hunts Whether hunting with a rifle or bow, you need to be familiar [...]

13 02, 2021

Reasons to Go on a Guided Elk Hunt in Idaho


A guided elk in Idaho is an outdoors enthusiast's dream. Nestled in the mountains of Southeast Idaho, Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch offers unparalleled guaranteed elk hunts in Idaho, as well as other expertly-guided outdoor activities and hunts. While Idaho might not be the first state that comes to mind when people think of the Rocky Mountains, the state is home to 114 mountain ranges that help make up the Rocky Mountains and has peaks that reach over 12,000 feet. With over 120,000 elk that roam from the sage bush deserts to the towering rocky cliffs of the central Idaho mountains, [...]

15 01, 2021

3 Big Reasons to Reserve A Guided Elk Hunt Now

2021-02-10T00:02:33+00:00Hunting, Idaho Lodging, Idaho Vacation Spots, Most Beautiful Places in Idaho, Newdale ID, Travel Tips|

Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, outside of Newdale, Idaho, is already thinking about and planning many guided elk hunts for this year—and beyond—and suggest you do as well. Sometimes it seems like the only thing that goes by faster than the Idaho elk season is the pace at which we look ahead. Although everyone needs a reprieve at the end of peak season, we know there will be plenty of eager hunters hoping to bring home some of the finest meat in the land. Elk hunting in Idaho is a bucket list item for many folks, so, likely, you won't be [...]

16 12, 2020

Take a Romantic Hunting Trip to Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch


Whether you’ve just finalized your nuptials or have been with your partner for decades, the last thing you want is to let the adventurous spirit of your relationship slip away like a bull into the woods. One way to inject some excitement into your love life is to embark on a romantic hunting trip to Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch in Newdale, ID. Whether you both hunt or only one of you does, guided elk hunts promote bonding and brings couples closer together as they surmount new challenges. While there are many decent Idaho elk hunting ranches, you’ll want a place [...]

23 11, 2020

The Best Elk Hunting Rifles

2020-11-23T22:27:58+00:00Gear, Hunting|

From sprawling foothills to its snow-capped mountains, it’s not surprising that so many elk enthusiasts consider eastern Idaho to be one of the best places for guaranteed elk hunts in North America. This relatively remote region lends itself to a bevy of outdoor recreation opportunities, but if you’re reading this, you’re likely most interested in a hunting vacation. Well, you’re in luck! Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, just outside of Newdale, ID, offers an unrivaled hunting experience. Although even guided hunting trips can be unpredictable, one fact remains; you’ll want to consider some of the best elk hunting rifles before you [...]

27 10, 2020

Give the Gift of an Elk Hunting Trip


Although it may not feel like it, holiday festivities are just around the corner. Although many people find it easy to pick out the perfect present for their friends and family, some of us may find ourselves painstakingly pondering what sort of meaningful gift to give to no avail. Whether it be a friend, partner, or relative, an elk hunting trip in Idaho is something they will cherish for a lifetime. And not only will you be gifting a guided elk hunt, but you'll also be providing your loved one a chance to learn from seasoned masters at one of [...]

1 10, 2020

Fall Getaways: Getting Ready for Idaho Elk Season

2020-11-23T21:24:54+00:00Hunting, Idaho Lodging|

As much as we love summer, autumn has a special place in our hearts. The warm temperatures subside, and the crisp fall air is wistfully pushed about by the seasonal breeze, lending itself to added comfort for a multitude of outdoor activities. The alpine forests will soon begin demonstrating their yearly transformation, a strong indication that Idaho elk season is underway at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. The once emerald green aspens will evolve into a spectacular palette of crimson, amber, and gold, and the surrounding environment will take on a whole new persona during your fall getaway. While most sportsmen [...]

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