Adventure, beauty, and fresh air await you! Diversity abounds at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, life in the West at it’s finest. You can watch a magnificent sunrise as the shadow of the Grand Tetons retracts, bathing the valley in a warm, morning glow. Photography, hiking, mountain biking, fishing… the list goes on and on. Below you’ll find brief descriptions of some local attractions and their websites. Whether you want to extend your stay to explore, or you only have time to take in a few sights after the hunt, there are so many venues nearby that everyone will enjoy.

There are also great things you can do from the comfort of the lodge. This gives you some fun & relaxing down time while your meat is being processed. Our personal massage therapist can bring her table to the lodge and give 1 hr or 1.5 hr massages.  You can schedule a session ahead of time, or when you arrive.

The lodge is an excellent location for shooting skeet as well, off the back deck overlooking the canyon. We will provide the shotgun, skeet & ammunition for $30 per box of shells and the skeet. You are also welcome to bring your own gun & shells if you want.  We also have a large target range with gongs ranging from 50 yards up to 1400 yards!  You are welcome to bring guns to target shoot in your down time.


Fish with reel

After shooting your trophy bull, why not relax a bit with a professionally guided fishing trip down the Henry’s Fork or the South Fork of the Snake River? This is World-Class fishing. Anglers from everywhere come here to try their luck at landing the huge rainbow or brown that fill our rivers. There is also major fishing nearby on the Teton River, Madison River, or numerous private fisheries and ponds.

The Henry’s Fork

Henry Fork tributary

The Henry’s Fork is a tributary of the Snake River that cuts a path 127 miles long through southeastern Idaho. It is also referred to as the North Fork of the Snake River. The Henry’s Fork is one of the most famous and diverse fly fishing rivers in the world, with plenty to offer the advanced fly fisherman as well as the beginner. Its prolific aquatic insect hatches draw fly fishers from around the globe to test their skills against highly selective rainbow trout. The spectacular Upper and Lower Mesa Falls are also on the Henrys Fork, just north of Ashton, Idaho.

The South Fork

south form fishing

The majestic South Fork of the Snake River flows 66 miles across southeastern Idaho, through high mountain valleys, rugged canyons, and broad flood plains to its confluence with the Henry’s Fork near the Menan Buttes west of Rexburg. The South Fork supports the largest riparian cottonwood gallery forest in the West and is among the most unique and diverse ecosystems in Idaho. It is also home to 126 bird species, including 21 raptors. The river also supports the largest native cutthroat fishery outside of Yellowstone National Park.

The corridor is home to an impressive array of other wildlife including moose, deer, elk, mountain goats, mountain lions, black bears, bobcats, coyotes, river otter, beaver, fox, and mink. Among recreationists the South Fork is known as a premier blue ribbon trout fishery, selected as the host site for the 1997 World Fly-Fishing Championship. More than 300,000 anglers, campers, hikers, boaters, and others use the South Fork every year.

St. Anthony Sand Dunes – Distance: 45 min.

St Anthony Sand Dunes

About 30 miles west of the ranch are the living sand dunes—41,000 acres of exciting potential playground for dune buggy, 4-wheeler, motorbike, and even snowmobile enthusiasts. The white rolling hills of sand range in height from 200 to 300 feet above the 4,900 foot valley floor. They stretch about 35 miles in length and 1 to 5 miles in width. In mid-summer, although the sand gets hot, the temperature rarely tops 90 degrees. The dunes are constantly changing with the intensity of the prevailing winds pushing them slowly north. ATV’s are available to rent at Idaho Dunes RV.

Green Canyon Hot Springs – Distance: 10 min.

Green Canyon Hot Springs

Green Canyon Hot Springs rests at the foot of the hills below the ranch, only a few minutes’ drive. Operated by the Neibaur Family since 1953, the original hot springs was named Pincock Hot Springs, established in 1903. The first facility was was located up the hill to the east of where Green Canyon is now. The current building was built in the bottom of the canyon about 70 years ago. It’s a popular place for family reunions, church group gatherings, and vacationers. The pools are geothermally heated at a constant 96 degrees inside, while the outdoor hot pool is a toasty 105 degrees.

Mesa Falls – Distance: 1.5 hrs.

Mesa Falls

There are many scenic drives to take through southeast Idaho, but Mesa Falls has to be one of the best. A small rainbow created by sunlight passing through the mist accents the falls from approximately 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. During the day. Mesa Falls Recreation Area has lots of things to do. You can simply enjoy the power and beauty of the falls and watch the osprey and eagles that frequent the area. The walkways make viewing safe but exhilarating; the Upper Falls walkway gets you nearly arm’s length from the river as it surges over the cliff.

The Big Falls Inn opened as an interpretive center in 2001. Visit the center to see exhibits on the geology of the area, history of the lodge, the river ecosystem, the local plants and animals, and maps of other parks and points of interest. There are several hiking trails nearby as well. The one-mile trail to the Lower Falls is approximately 200 yards to the east of Big Falls Inn. There is a hiking trail from Grand View Overlook to Bear Gulch. From Bear Gulch south to the Warm River Campground, the old railroad bed is a non-motorized trail. North of Bear Gulch, the trail is open to motorized vehicles less than 50 inches wide. This trail may be taken all the way to the Montana border (32 miles).

Island Park – Distance: 1.5 hrs.

Island Park - river and mountains

From the northern area of Island Park, where Henry’s Lake awaits the trophy trout angler, to the southern area, where there’s Blue Ribbon fly fishing on the world renowned Henry’s Fork, Island Park is a summer recreation paradise. The area sports two Idaho state parks—Henry’s Lake and Harriman— both surrounded by the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, where you can hike, mountain bike, ride ATV’s, fish, boat, birdwatch, do nature photography, and much more. Lodges and cabins dot every corner of this 35 by 30 mile vacation destination, offering luxury accommodations, great food and high quality entertainment. Island Park offers near endless mountain scenery, serenity, and adventure.

Henry’s Lake – Distance: 1.75 hrs.

Henry's Lake

Located just 15 miles west of Yellowstone National Park, this high mountain lake is the kind of place fishermen dream about. The state park, named after explorer Major Andrew Henry, opens the Thursday before Memorial Day and closes October 31st, weather permitting. The park offers campfire programs and a Junior Ranger program. Anglers fish for cutthroat, brook and rainbow-cutthroat hybrids. The park has a modern fish cleaning station near the boat ramp as well.

Jackson HoleWyoming – Distance: 1.5 hrs.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming - Barn

Jackson is the name of the town, and “Jackson Hole” as it’s often called, refers to the whole area, a 50 mile-long valley surrounded by high mountains. Jackson is a popular tourism destination because of its proximity to Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks, its unmatched scenic beauty, its world-class skiing, and its Western character.

Deep snow and big mountains tend to come to mind when most people think of Jackson Hole, but the rest of the year, especially the summer, always brings an incredible array of scenery and outdoor activities. Sitting on the edge of Grand Teton National Park, Teton Village is a summertime destination all its own, with unparalleled hiking, biking, paragliding, kids’ activities, fine dining (above 9,000 feet!) and much more!

Grand Teton National Park – Distance: 2 hrs.

Grand Tetons Mountains

Grand Teton National Park is one of the most spectacular, awe-inspiring places in America. Occupying a majority of the Jackson Hole valley, the park is home to overwhelming, massive mountains, pristine lakes and rivers, and abundant, teeming wildlife. The Teton Range—with peaks rising more than 7,000 feet off the valley floor—is the natural centerpiece of the park. Views from either of the two main roads, which run north-south through the park, are nothing short of spectacular. The highest, most prominent peak is the Grand Teton, standing at 13,770 feet.

While the scenery is nice from the road, the park is best experienced on foot. Hundreds of miles of hiking trails wind around the lakes and through the mountains; the choices are almost limitless. The park has a magnetic draw for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts because incredible, often breathtaking scenery and wildlife sightings (elk, moose, black/grizzly bears, bison, deer, and more!) are virtually guaranteed.

Yellowstone National Park – Distance: 2 hrs.

Yellowstone National Park - geyser erupting

Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is America’s first national park. Located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, it is home to a large variety of wildlife, including grizzly bears, wolves, bison, and elk. Some of the world’s most extraordinary geyers, hot springs, and natural formations live here, including the world-famous Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

And all of this is to say nothing of the city of West Yellowstone, Montana, just inside the Idaho/Montana border. Novelty shops, restaurants, and quality entertainment are everywhere to be found here. Between the park and West Yellowstone, you could book an extra week of adventure and fun.

Championship Golfing

golfer and cart on golf course

There are ELEVEN golf courses in Eastern Idaho! Because each course varies in difficulty, you’ll have no trouble finding the right course for your ability. Eastern Idahoans take great pride in their golf courses. Each is meticulously groomed and busy with golfers of all ages. Make sure to call ahead for a tee time!

Teton Lakes is exactly what its name implies, with a backdrop of the Grand Tetons and plenty of lakes. This beautiful 18-hole championship course is located north of Rexburg on the Hibbard Road. The Front 9 holes are fun, but the back nine are delicious! This course offers a whole pallet of challenges: mounded greens, trees, shrubs, sand, ponds, canals, and the Teton River itself. It is a par 71 that measures in at about 4,400 yards from the blues, 58,800 yards from the whites and 5,100 yards from the reds. Overall it is a great track for all golfers.  Click HERE for current prices.

See the golf directory below for more information.


White-Water Rafting

group white water rafting

Mad River Boat Trips in Jackson Hole offers your family or group the most variety of whitewater and scenic trips on the Snake River. With 14 departures daily, you are sure to find a trip that suits your needs. Join them for a day on the river, a combination scenic and whitewater trip, and eat dinner with them at their exclusive dinner site in the Snake River Canyon. If you’re looking for the ultimate whitewater adventure, take a trip in the small 8-man boats. All whitewater runs are U-Paddle trips and are accompanied by experienced, highly-trained river guides.

Idaho White Water Rafting offers some of the best river trips in the world, like the infamous Middle Fork of the Salmon River. With thousands of miles of rivers to choose from, Idaho is a whitewater paradise. Wilderness River Outfitters has been providing the finest in river trip adventures for over 30 years. Idaho whitewater rafting on the Salmon, Owyhee, Jarbidge, and Bruneau Rivers offers great 4-15 day whitewater rafting trips in pristine wilderness areas.