Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is tucked away into the mountains of Southeast Idaho, surrounded by nature in every direction. Idaho may not be the first destination that comes to mind when you think of elk hunting, but it should be. This beautiful, peaceful state is home to 114 mountain ranges that make up the state’s section of the Rocky Mountains. Idaho peaks reach over 12,000 feet. Additionally, over 120,000 elk roam throughout the state, from the sage bush deserts to the cloudy peaks of the central Idaho mountains. Regardless of your experience, there’s no better place to go for a guided elk hunt in Idaho than Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. If you’re a beginner hunter, a guided elk hunt in Idaho is just what you need to bag the bull of your dreams. 

Superior Guides 

Our professional guides will be as hands-on or off as needed. The expert guides at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch will do everything they can to guarantee your hunt ends in success. Rocky Mountain Elk Rank is a private ranch, so we are not bound by season dates. You don’t have to draw to hunt, nor do you have to purchase an expensive out-of-state license. We hunt either on foot or four-wheelers.

Rugged Nature and Luxury Lodging 

At Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, the days are spent hard at work hunting. We travel deep into the surrounding wilderness in search of elk. At the end of the day, we relax in a five-bedroom hand-built log cabin complete with a wraparound porch. 

Guaranteed Success

At Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, guests can choose their preferred hunting method: rifle, archery, black powder, crossbow, or handgun. Beginners will most likely hunt with a rifle. Our expert guides will help customize your hunt based on your skill and physical abilities. If you want an immersive, challenging hunt, that’s what you’ll get. No matter what hunting style you choose, you’re guaranteed 100 percent success, so you’re going home with an elk. 

To find out more about our guided elk hunts in Idaho or to book your stay, head to our website.