Year after year, visitors and locals alike flock to Newdale, Idaho, for some of the best elk hunting in America. The hunting opportunities are endless; whether you’re looking for a guided hunting trip or an elk hunting competition, you’ll find it all right here at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. However, one of the best-kept secrets is not as easily seen— the Idaho sand dunes. 

St Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho

If you find yourself continually searching for that next adrenaline rush, St Anthony Sand Dunes is the spot for you. The St Anthony Sand Dunes are composed of roughly 10,600 acres of white quartz sand mound together to form knolls reaching up to 400 feet tall (AKA off-roaders’ haven.) The best way to enjoy this natural terrain is by renting a dune buggy or ATV from a company nearby St Anthony. 

PMS Dune RentalsIdaho Sand Dunes

PMS Dune Rentals is the only on-site company in St Anthony’s natural park. The rental facility, located in the Idaho Dunes RV Park, boasts the best fleet of ATV’s and UTV’s to include guests of all skill sets. If you haven’t braved the dunes before, opt for PMS’s half-day rental period. And after you feel comfortable on the back of the machine, you can extend your rental period another four hours. 

Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch

After your long day spent at the sand dunes in Idaho, head back to the Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. You’ll love relaxing in our lodge that offers breathtaking views both in and outdoors. Each room in the lodge is decorated with its own log furniture, so each guest has a unique cabin experience. Our lodge accommodations are located near several other things to do, such as fishing on the Snake River, soaking in the Green Canyon Hot Springs, or hiking the Mesa Falls. For more information on Idaho Sand Dunes or any other nearby activities, please talk with our staff by calling 208-351-7301.