Two buffalo spotted during a hunt at a ranch in Idaho

Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch in Newdale, Idaho, is well known for our success guaranteed elk hunts. However, did you know that we also offer buffalo hunts? The allure of buffalo hunts lies in the unique blend of history, adrenaline-pumping experiences, and the majestic beauty of these colossal creatures. Our ranch provides an amazing environment for buffalo hunts. Here’s why you should plan a buffalo hunt at our ranch in Idaho. 

Unforgettable Buffalo Hunts

Buffalo, with their imposing size, shaggy coats, and distinctive horns, evoke a sense of nostalgia for the days when vast herds roamed freely across the American plains. For many, the opportunity to partake in a buffalo hunt represents a connection to the rich history of the American West, harkening back to a time when pioneers and Native Americans depended on these magnificent animals for survival. The lure of hunting buffalo lies not just in the act itself but in the chance to become part of a tradition that shaped the cultural landscape of the region.

One of the key elements that make buffalo hunts appealing is the sheer challenge they pose. Known for their keen senses and unpredictable behavior, hunting buffalo demands a combination of skill, patience, and respect for the animal. 

Nestled in the stunning landscapes of Southeastern Idaho, our ranch offers enthusiasts the chance to embark on a buffalo hunting expedition like no other. Hunt one to two year old buffalo, mature bulls ranging from three to six, to the monster trophy bulls. No matter which you decide to hunt, you’re in for an exciting adventure.

Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is committed to providing a guided hunting experience that is tailored to your desires. Our guides will be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like. Whether you’re new to buffalo hunting or a seasoned veteran, hunters of all experience levels will enjoy the hunt. The customization continues; like our elk hunts, you can hunt buffalo on our ranch with any weapon you like. We’re here to turn your dream buffalo hunt into a reality.

Plan Your Dream Buffalo Hunt at Our Ranch in Idaho

Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch stands out as a top destination for those seeking an authentic buffalo hunting experience, providing guided, success-guaranteed hunts in a breathtaking setting. We would love to host you at our hand-crafted lodge in Newdale for a hunting experience you’ll never forget. For more information, please visit our about us page or call 208-351-7301.