Calling all avid hunters! Our Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is offering you a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt the rare White Buffalo. This three-day challenge costs $12,000 to enter and includes meals, lodging and guide service in Southeast Idaho’s mountains. Our hunting lodge offers taxidermy and meat processing for an additional fee. Will you be the lucky White Buffalo Trophy winner? There’s only one way to find out.

Legend Of The White Buffalo

Many Native Americans view the White Buffalo as a sacred creature. The story of the White Buffalo begins by two young men going out to hunt. Along the way, they meet a beautiful woman dressed in white. One man reached out to touch her and he turned into bones. The woman then told the other man to warn his Lakota tribe that she will visit them. When she arrived, the woman carried a bundle of pipes which were used to teach the tribe how to pray. She also taught them the importance of buffalo. Before she left, the woman rolled over four times and turned into a White Buffalo. The Lakota tribe honored their pipes and then the buffalo were plentiful. 

People who believe in this 2,000-year-old legend of the White Buffalo pass down the story through council meetings, sacred ceremonies and tribes’ stories. To this day, many people believe the White Buffalo stands for humanity’s spirit and mind coming together. Today, you can celebrate the White Buffalo as well. Our hunting challenge and is open to individuals of all skill sets, physical ability and age. 

Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch

After a long day of hunting, unwind with a beautiful view of the sunset from our wrap-around deck. You’ll hear nothing except the unmistakable sound of elk bugling in the fresh, woodsy air. We guarantee you will have a successful hunting trip while staying at our ranch, regardless of catching the trophy buffalo or not. If you haven’t spotted an animal you’d like to hunt after your first day, talk to our front desk. We fully tailor your Southeast Idaho retreat to your liking. To join the trophy buffalo challenge, call us today at 208-351-7301.