Buffalo hunting is a unique experience you can try at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch in Idaho

For adventurous hunters, it’s always fun to hunt new types of game, and buffalo are no exception. Once a common target for hunters, you rarely hear about buffalo hunts anymore. But you can experience your very own buffalo hunt at our Idaho Ranch. Our buffalo hunts are an unforgettable experience that hunters of all skill levels will enjoy. Want to know what makes buffalo hunting at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch so special? Continue reading to find out why you should try buffalo hunting at our ranch. 

7 Reasons to Buffalo Hunt at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch

  1. When you hunt bison at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, success is guaranteed or your money back. When it comes to buffalo hunting, it doesn’t get any better than that. 
  2. You can hunt with any weapon you choose. Hunting should be fun, and we want you to enjoy yourself to the fullest extent, so pick your favorite weapon for the hunt and have a blast.
  3. Buffalo meat tastes superb. We have excellent meat hunts with buffalo one to two years old or bulls ranging from medium to trophy size. If you want to come away from your hunt with some delicious buffalo meat, Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is the perfect place for you.
  4. Our buffalo hunts are also great for making memories. As mentioned above, we have trophy-sized bulls; taking down one of those giants is an unforgettable experience that will stick with you forever.
  5. Our buffalo hunts are easier than our elk hunts. That means hunting buffalo at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is a good hunting opportunity for hunters new and old. 
  6. It’s nostalgic. It’s hard to go hunting for buffalo and not think of their importance as a food source for those who came before us. It’s a cool throwback, and it makes the hunt feel more special.
  7. It’s unique. There are approximately 25 million deer in the U.S. and one million elk. There are only about 500,000 buffalo in the U.S., making buffalo hunts a relatively rare hunting experience.

After a buffalo hunting adventure, hunters spend the night at Rocky Mountain Elk RanchLuxurious Idaho Lodging

At Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, you can experience the thrill of hunting the giants known as buffalo. However, we have so much more to offer, like guided elk hunts, world-class fishing, and luxurious lodging. For more information, please visit our about us page or call 208-351-7301.