An elk bulging during rut season

From September through November is hunting season here at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. It is also about the time of elk mating season, known as rut season. It’s an incredibly exciting time to hit the ranch and experience an elk hunt of a lifetime out here in Idaho. Whether you’re a seasoned elk hunter or this is your first time, you can feel confident that the hunt will be a success; it is 100 percent guaranteed. Let’s give you a quick rundown of the thrill of hunting you’ll experience during the elk’s rut season.

Hunting During the Elk’s Rut Season: A Rare Thrill

From mid-September through mid-October, male elk, or bulls, are out looking for female elk, also known as cows. During this time, the elk, particularly the bulls, get highly active and vocal. Don’t be surprised when you hear a high-pitched whistle that turns into a grunting sound; this is known as the bulge, and it is the bulls’ mating call. 

However, the noises the elk make are just a small part of rut season; their behavior also begins to change drastically. Bulls will wallow in mud to coat themselves with urine “perfume” in order to attract cows. They also rub their antlers on trees, shrubs, and their ground to attract mates and intimidate other bulls.

Typically, elk are gentle creatures, but they get much more aggressive during the rut. Don’t be surprised if you see two bulls sparring. They are also incredibly active, much more than other times of the year. And while elk stick to same-sex groups most of the year, they form harems during the rut, which are groups of one bull elk with several cows.

Experience an Unforgettable Elk Hunt at Our Idaho Ranch

Hunt for elk during rut season at Rocky Mountain Elk RanchSeeing and hearing all of this elk activity is an incredible experience. It makes the elk hunt even more exciting. From the crisp autumn air to the sounds of the elk bulging in the canyon, you can experience it all when you go on a hunt at our Idaho elk ranch. Though off the grid, the lodge has modern comforts. For more information, please give us a call at 208-351-7301.