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19 06, 2022

Fun Facts About Elk That You Probably Didn’t Know

2022-07-19T12:52:59+00:00Elk Hunting Tips, Fun Facts About Elk|

Elk are majestic creatures. At Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, we interact with these animals on a regular basis, offering success-guaranteed hunts at our lodge in Idaho. As such, we're quite fond of these magnificent beasts and have a lot of knowledge about them. We're happy to share our expertise with you, so we've created a list of fun facts about elk that you probably didn't know.  1. Bulls and Cows If you're a hunter, this fact probably isn't news to you, but for the uninitiated, male elk are known as bulls, and female elk are known as cows. This terminology [...]

6 02, 2022

Tips and Tricks for Your Next Elk Hunting Adventure

2022-04-06T15:59:10+00:00Elk Hunting Tips, Guided Elk Hunt in Idaho|

One doesn’t become a great elk hunter overnight; this sport can be challenging, even for seasoned veterans. If you’re new to elk hunting or still finding your footing, don’t let a lack of success get you down. Mentorship and experience will help you become the elk hunter you want to be.  The experts at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch in Newdale, Idaho, are happy to help. When you go elk hunting with us, our expert guides will assist you. Before you embark on your next hunt, we have some pointers. Read for tips and tricks you can use on your next [...]

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