How many times have you gone on vacation and realized you’d left an essential belonging at home? Whether you consider yourself to be a professional elk hunter or this is your first time taking an elk hunting trip, it’s vital to make an elk hunting checklist. Each guest puts their personal touch on the checklist, but we’re here to prepare you with the basic essentials. To prepare for the best elk hunting around, print out this checklist and reserve your stay at our Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. Happy hunting!

Shooting Sticks

Elk are fast, so you have to be on your toes while hunting them. Shooting sticks will aid in keeping you steady when an elk arrives. 


If you enjoy hunting at night, having a flashlight can be helpful. This way, you can stop elk from dusk and after!  

Proper Hunting ApparelElk Hunting Checklist

Having appropriate hunting apparel is crucial for all types of hunting. It’s ideal for wearing clothing that best matches the vegetation in which the animal you’re hunting lives. Southeast Idaho is challenging to camouflage yourself with the terrain. The mountains are usually dull, brownish colors. Keep in mind, Idaho’s winter months are demanding, so wear extra layers.   


Rangefinders are crucial to have when hunting in Southeast Idaho. They’re important to have because you’ll likely be taking long shots. The long shots are easier to make when you know an elk is from your muzzle. It’s also helpful to have a scope and binoculars for spotting/aiming. 

First Aid Kit

While having a first aid kit is always smart to carry, we especially encourage new visitors to pack a first aid kit. Southeast Idaho’s terrain can be unpredictable, and you never know what you’ll encounter while hunting. 

Extra Field Dressing Gear 

Part of your elk hunting experience is packing the meat and antlers. To do so, pack extra gloves, folding saw, game bags, and a game cart. 

Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch

While this elk hunting checklist only lists the basics, it’s certainly an important place to start. Prepare our listed hunting necessities, and schedule your hunting getaway at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch today! To learn more information about our available elk hunts, visit our website, or give us a call at 208-351-7301. It’s Idaho elk hunting season, what are you waiting for?!