There are many factors to consider when selecting your hunting techniques for your upcoming Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch Vacation. How many times have you hunted in Idaho? What type of weapon do you use when hunting Elk in Idaho? Which regions do you usually hunt in Idaho? And more importantly, when is your hunting trip? After answering these questions for yourself, it’s time to read about the various types of hunting that Idaho has to offer.

Idaho Elk Hunting Season

Elk populations vary from year to year, depending on weather, land management, invasive species, and business development. To have a successful elk hunting experience, familiarize yourself with the different hunting techniques and Idaho Elk hunting seasons. 

Rifle Hunting Techniques

  • When hunting with a rifle, it’s essential to bring a glass in thick cover. The use of glassing on open hillsides often leading to elk sightings. Some of the best sightings happen when hunters are well covered, slipping through the forested terrain and glassing.  
  • Study the area where you hunt ahead of time. Identify regions with flat spots at the head of drainages. It may seem overwhelming when you hunt in a new area, but if you find areas where elk are likely to hang out, it’ll save you a lot of time.
  • Research ahead of time what the best elk hunting rifle is and ammunition that it requires. You should consider visiting a rifle range to practice before heading out on your hunting trip. 
  • There are two types of hunting rifles: Semi-automatic and bolt-actions. Semi-automatic rifles for elk hunting are usually a second choice. Professional hunters use this type of gun for a second or third shot. Bolt-actions are popular in the military and elk hunting. They are very accurate and reliable. Typically the professional hunter’s first choice. We recommend using the Henry .45-70 Government Octagon Barrel Lever-Action Rifle

Archery Elk Hunting Techniques

  • Similarly to hunting with a rifle, archery elk hunting requires lots of practice. Work with your bow until you’re comfortable shooting on your knees, bent over under branches, and hovering over brush. You should also practice shooting from steep uphill and downhill. When elk hunting, you’ll likely have to shoot from a far distance.
  • Picking the best arrow for elk hunting is difficult, so you should keep it simple. There’s nothing worse than traveling far for the trip of a lifetime and your equipment fails. Typically, the more complicated your gear, the more problems you’ll experience. We recommend using Easton Axis or Gold Tip carbon arrows because of their small diameter, indestructible and piercing quality. 
  • Look into multi-pin sights over adjustable ones. The shot opportunities are fluid, so you won’t want to waste time trying to adjust your single-pin sight. Spot Hogg makes a great solid five and seven-pin sight. 

Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch

Before taking off for your Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch vacation, review the Idaho Department of Fish and Game regulations. There are specific seasons for the many types of hunting. If you use the wrong hunting techniques out of season, you will be penalized. Our Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch staff looks forward to hearing your elk hunting stories and tips! Book your Idaho elk hunting trip today by visiting our website or talking to our team at 208-351-7301.