A seasoned sportsman sits behind his bounty thanks in part to his elk hunting gear.At Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch outside of Newdale, Idaho, our professional guides cater the hunt to your level of experience and desired difficulty. We are so confident you’ll bring home an elk that we 100% guarantee it! Regardless of how you decide to hunt (rifle, bow, handgun, black powder), there are a few essential items that you don’t want to forget. To keep our guests in the know, we’ve made a handy guide regarding elk hunting gear must-haves that will help maximize your experience.

Rifle vs. Archery Hunts

Whether hunting with a rifle or bow, you need to be familiar with it. If you’re bringing a bow, make sure to bring a hard case for the bow, an extra bowstring, a compound bow stringer, pliers, an additional peep sight, broadheads 12-18 arrows per hunter. For rifle hunters, make sure to sight your rifle accordingly. Zero in at 200 yards, or 2″ high at 100 yards, depending on your barrel and stock. Your goal should be to shoot a 2″ group at 100 yards consistently. Our average shots are 75-150 yards. There is also a possibility of hitting a 20-50 yard shot in the trees if we can bugle them in. Know your bullet drop at 200, 300, 400 yds.

Looking Ahead and Getting Around

A good pair of binoculars and a trusty rangefinder are must-have items for your elk hunting gear checklist. The ideal pair of binoculars should be lightweight; 10×40 or 12×50 should work well for the country we hunt. We also recommend the Crooked Horn Bino-System or something similar as a carrying strap. A rangefinder will help increase the accuracy of your shot over uneven, mountainous terrain. Sturdy boots with good, unworn tread are a must-have on any excursion, but on an elk hunt in the jagged landscape, you won’t get far without them. In addition to providing traction and ankle support, your boots should also keep your feet warm and dry. Bring warm clothing appropriate for the high altitude and time of year. Layering your clothing will help you stay comfortable throughout the day, as the early mornings and late afternoons are much cooler than midday.

Staying Hydrated and Attracting Your Bounty

If you’re coming from below the mountains, hunting in our neck of the woods will be a little different. With an altitude of 7000 feet, there’s approximately 15% less oxygen than at sea level. To help you cope with the change in height, you must stay hydrated. We suggest guests take one or more sizable reusable water bottles with them on their hunt. Cow calls are another elk hunting gear essential item. Cow calling after a bull is shot will calm the bull and prevent him from going far. One of the most popular is the Primos Hoochie Mama. Your guide may use a bugle to locate the elk, but if you ever find yourself elk hunting without a guide, you’ll be glad you have it!

A Few More Items to Add to Your Elk Hunting Gear

Regardless of the temperature outside, the sun is always a factor when you’re at altitude. All hunters should bring adequate sun protection, including sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. You’ll also want to get your favorite camouflage clothing and paint, especially if you’re bow hunting. Camouflage outerwear should be in brown and grey colors to help you blend in with the surrounding environment. 

Guaranteed Elk Hunts in Newdale, Idaho

front of lodgeOur cozy lodge will have you feeling right at home after a long day in the mountains. So, be sure to bring comfortable non-hunting clothes and shoes to relax in after an exciting day of chasing elk. To learn more about the essential elk hunting gear you’ll need, continue to browse our website. And for more information on booking hunts, the activities we offer, and the ranch’s location, feel free to visit our about us page or call 208-351-7301.