Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is tucked into the rocky peaks of Southeast Idaho and surrounded by the dramatic mountainous landscape that’s synonymous with the American West. States like Colorado and Utah usually dominate the discussions concerning the expansive Rocky Mountains. Still, Idaho is home to 114 mountain ranges that help make up the Rocky Mountains and has peaks that reach over 12,000 feet. Beyond the hunt, Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch provides a one-of-a-kind mountain lodge experience that combines the luxurious comforts of our cozy mountain lodge with the striking setting that’s home to natural wonders like Mesa Falls, Idaho. 

The Towering Cascade of Upper Mesa Falls

Upper Mesa Falls, Idaho, is a monstrous, 10-story-tall waterfall located on the Snake River near the Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. Mesa Falls, Idaho, flows over the remnants of an ancient volcanic eruption that occurred over one million years ago and left much of the continent covered in ash. 

The Churning Rapids of Lower Mesa Falls 

Lower Mesa Falls is a series of smaller, powerful waterfalls that flow together as one mammoth rapid system. Like Upper Mesa Falls, Lower Mesa falls descends over ancient volcanic remains and slowly carves the volcanic rock with its powerful current.

When to Visit Mesa Falls, Idaho

Mesa Falls, Idaho, is only accessible through the visitor’s center during the summer months. During the winter, Mesa Falls is accessed by snowmobile. From the visitor’s center, a trail leads to a boardwalk with a breathtaking view of the Upper Falls. The Lower Falls can be viewed from the Grandview Overlook, one mile south of the Visitor Center along the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway. Upper and Lower Mesa Falls, Idaho, are the only surviving waterfalls on the Snake River that are not inhibited by man’s influence. 

Like Mesa Falls, the natural beauty of Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch will leave you awe-struck. If that weren’t enough, hunters are guaranteed to bag a trophy elk. To find out more about our lodge or to book your stay, head to our website.