With plenty of decent Idaho elk outfitters out there, it can be hard to distinguish and decide what separates adequate Idaho elk hunting from the elite offerings. Surely a good time can be found traipsing around on an unfamiliar property with a rifle and a guide, but you’re seeking more than just guided Idaho elk hunting. You want adventure, excitement, and an opportunity to explore this once unknown frontier. 

10 Reasons for Guided Idaho Elk Hunts with Rocky Mountain

  • Water rafting is one of the quintessential Rocky Mountain adventures, and Idaho is the Whitewater State, so whether you are looking for a leisurely float or a white rapid adrenaline rush, there is a myriad of opportunities. Raft Idaho is the premier source for water rafting in the state. Hailing from Jackson, Wyoming, Mad River Boat Trips is another rafting outfitter offering unforgettable scenic floats and white water rafting trips.
  • Golfing is sometimes an overlooked pastime in the Rockies, but did you know that our area in Eastern Idaho is home to thirteen golf courses? What a great way to spend an early evening after a guided Idaho elk hunt?
  • Green Canyon Hot Springs is only a ten-minute drive from Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch and has geothermically heated pools that remain a constant 96 degrees inside and 105 degrees in the outside pool. Green Canyon Hot Springs is a great place to visit with friends and family that won’t be staying at the ranch.
  • St. Anthony Sand Dunes is a must-stop for any adventure-seeking trip to Eastern Idaho. With over 41,000 acres of area, you can scale sandhills on your favorite ATV or motorbike and feel like you’re on another planet!
  • The Snake River’s South Fork presents a plethora of wildlife viewing and photography options, including moose, mountain lions, and 125 bird species, 21 of which are the highly sought after birds of prey—or raptors.
  • Henry’s Fork is another tributary of the Snake River and is often referred to as the North Fork. Home to the Upper and Lower Mesa Falls, Henry’s Fork is not far north of Ashton, Idaho.
  • Fishing in Eastern Idaho is something all anglers should enjoy. Fishermen and women from all over North America make their way to cast their lines into the Snake River and its tributaries for trophy brown and rainbow trout. Other major fisheries include the nearby Teton and Madison Rivers. 
  • Nearby National Parks include Yellowstone and Grand Teton, both within a two-hour drive. These sacred treasures present a dynamic array of wildlife and provide seemingly endless inspiration and recreational opportunities for all outdoor enthusiasts. 
  • Buffalo hunts are also available and provide a nice change of pace from chasing elk. Buffalo meat is some of the best you’ll ever taste.
  • Guaranteed elk hunts aren’t offered at all Idaho elk outfitters. Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch’s confidence in your satisfaction can be measured by the notion that if you don’t find something worth shooting after day one, you can head out with a complete refund. The best part? You don’t have to worry about winning the tag lottery or even purchasing an out of state license.

A Guided Idaho Elk Hunt with Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch

The greater Eastern Idaho region presents a myriad of outdoor recreational activities outside of guaranteed elk hunts, and Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch is right in the thick of it. From state parks to hot springs, Idaho elk hunting is just the beginning! Idaho elk hunting with Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch ensures that you’ll be well-fed and rested before and after each outing, and our reviews speak for themselves. Call us at 208-351-7301 or contact us online to learn more about the best Idaho elk hunting in the state!