There is something to be said about Idaho elk hunting in the Rockies. The exhilaration of tracking, hunting, and bagging these revered ruminants is hard to match, and something only a few hunters experience due to the stringent regulations necessary to protect these sacred beasts. Fortunately, privately owned ranches, like Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, offer lottery free, guaranteed elk hunts. Now, even though we have some of the best-guided elk hunting in Idaho, it doesn’t hurt to take in a few pointers before going out into the bush. We want to present you with four essential tips for maximizing your guided elk hunting experience. 

Signs Are Good, but Elk Are Better

Seeing traces of elk activity while hunting for them is never a bad thing. However, it’s more significant to see the elk. By the time you find any of their tracks or other signs, they could be long gone. Hunting with a partner will increase the likelihood that you see something and makes it easier for you to deviate your time between looking and shooting. Hunting partners should be close enough to hear each other’s calls, but far enough to see from different angles.

Drink a Lot of Water

Staying hydrated kind of seems like a no-brainer. But, considering all the excitement and other activities you’ll engage in, it can be easily forgotten. It’s highly advisable to drastically increase your average water intake during the weeks before your hunt to get accustomed to consuming more water than you usually would and prevent you from getting waterlogged while exerting your body. Staying adequately hydrated will decrease the risk of altitude sickness, deter cramping, and increase your energy.

Shape Up

Now, we’re not saying that you need to run a marathon, but you need to get in some cardio in before you go—even at elk hunting ranches. Keep in mind that while some hunters have had success by posting up, there is a good chance that you will be putting in some steep steps while Idaho elk hunting. For every 20 feet you cover, an elk can cover 80, so it’s not a bad idea to practice endurance running for the long haul and sprinting for when you need to chase an elk up an abrupt incline. 

Concealment is Your Friend

Whether it’s your body or your scent, it’s critical to reduce your perceived presence to the elk. Staying upwind, using wind detector, and covering up with scent disguises can go a long way for increasing your odds at remaining undetected by your prey. Furthermore, camouflage and quietness are the ultimate allies when it comes to Idaho elk hunting.

Idaho Elk Hunting at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch

After an exuberant day of physical exertion, it’s crucial to recharge your energy before your next outing. Don’t be ashamed to climb out of the bush and into our comfortable lodge, where we’ll provide you access to hearty meals, mountainside vistas, satellite television, and a hot spring pool just down the way. Please call us at 208-351-7301 or visit us online to learn more about how you can experience the thrill of elk hunting in Idaho!