As much as we love summer, autumn has a special place in our hearts. The warm temperatures subside, and the crisp fall air is wistfully pushed about by the seasonal breeze, lending itself to added comfort for a multitude of outdoor activities. The alpine forests will soon begin demonstrating their yearly transformation, a strong indication that Idaho elk season is underway at Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. The once emerald green aspens will evolve into a spectacular palette of crimson, amber, and gold, and the surrounding environment will take on a whole new persona during your fall getaway. While most sportsmen and women have read about the necessary preparations for elk hunting in Idaho, there are a couple of sometimes overlooked factors: mental training and shooting skill. Today we’d like to share with you some simple suggestions that will lead to a more enjoyable elk hunting trip this season.

Idaho Elk Season Prep 101: Increase Your Shooting Skill

Although we offer guaranteed elk hunts, that doesn’t mean you’ll just sit around and wait for your guide to tell you what to do. Being field ready regarding your shooting skill is surprisingly underestimated. Sighting in your rifle at 100 yards once a year isn’t going to cut it, and you can say the same about your bow. Keep in mind that elk hunting in Idaho, or anywhere for that matter, will likely result in taking tougher shots from further away than your local gun range, so being able to shoot a rifle from 300 yards consistently, and a bow at 40, is an excellent place to start. Once you have your weapon sighted-in, it’s crucial to try a few positions as you never know how you’ll be situated when your prey makes themselves available. Lastly, practice guessing the distance of your shots without the aid of a range finder.

Idaho Elk Season Prep 102: Being Mentally Ready

Being mentally prepared on an elk hunting trip can be the difference between a good day and an epic one. You’ve spent weeks getting all your gear ready, scouting the ranch from Google Maps, and telling all your buddies about your upcoming excursion. Fast forward to your first morning in the bush. How will you react when a trophy bull comes strolling through your shooting lane, with seconds to pull the trigger? Opportunities can seemingly arise out of thin air, so a great deal of mental fortitude is imperative for a clean shot. A few things that will help are being in good physical shape, breath control, identifying nearby anchor points, and not overthinking your target’s size as much as where to shoot for an effective kill. When it’s all said and done, preparation and attention to detail are two critical additions to any arsenal. 

Book a Stay at the Best Elk Hunting Ranch in Idaho

The only thing more satisfying than a successful hunt is retreating to the comfort provided by Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch. With plenty of on and off-site amenitiesvarious pricing options, and hearty dining options, staying with us may be one of the easiest decisions you’ll make this Idaho elk season. For more information or to reserve your stay, please visit our website or call 208-351-7301.