Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch, outside of Newdale, Idaho, is already thinking about and planning many guided elk hunts for this year—and beyond—and suggest you do as well. Sometimes it seems like the only thing that goes by faster than the Idaho elk season is the pace at which we look ahead. Although everyone needs a reprieve at the end of peak season, we know there will be plenty of eager hunters hoping to bring home some of the finest meat in the land. Elk hunting in Idaho is a bucket list item for many folks, so, likely, you won’t be the only one hoping to take advantage of such a great opportunity. As such, we recommend that you book your guided elk hunt as soon as possible to ensure the dates and lodging options you desire.


On the surface, getting here seems pretty straightforward, but you do have a few things to consider when booking your guided elk hunt. Although you can get here by car, depending on where you live, you may be flying into Jackson, WY, or Idaho Falls, ID, before renting a vehicle and making your way to the ranch. Either way, purchasing the correct flights and securing a rental becomes easier after you’ve booked your guaranteed elk hunt. So unless you live near us, most of your planning will revolve around getting here.


Ironically, one of the most forgotten aspects of planning a guided elk hunt is also the most preliminary. It goes without saying that you’ll need some money set aside to cover your reservation deposit. But, you’d be amazed at how many travelers have had to make changes to their plans because they didn’t consider the upfront costs associated with elk hunting in Idaho. Planning well in advance will streamline your planning process by giving you more time to save money. The sooner you know you are going, the better you can manage your spending leading up to the trip.

Dates of Availability and Taking Time Off

Many outdoor enthusiasts have earned the privilege of taking vacation days on a whim, but not everyone has reached that point in their lives. Most employers require at least several days’ notice for time off requests, sometimes weeks or months in advance. Getting in touch with our elk hunting outfitter to reserve your spot will give you concrete information regarding the days off you’ll need and makes scheduling more manageable.

Idaho Elk Hunting Guides: Learn from a Master

Booking your accommodations well in advance is advisable for any vacation, retreat, or getaway, and visiting a rural area in the mountains only furthers the importance of planning. After taking a look at our pricing and specials page, you’ll notice a wide range of guided elk hunt and other hunting options available for every budget. We pride ourselves on delivering the pursuit of a lifetime and put a great deal of planning into every outing, and we hope you’ll follow suit. For more information or to make a reservation, please reach out to us online or call 208-351-7301.