Whether you’ve just finalized your nuptials or have been with your partner for decades, the last thing you want is to let the adventurous spirit of your relationship slip away like a bull into the woods. One way to inject some excitement into your love life is to embark on a romantic hunting trip to Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch in Newdale, ID. Whether you both hunt or only one of you does, guided elk hunts promote bonding and brings couples closer together as they surmount new challenges. While there are many decent Idaho elk hunting ranches, you’ll want a place that provides guaranteed elk hunts, rustically exquisite lodging, and a bevy of outdoor recreation activities from fishing to scaling sand dunes in an ATV. Today we offer three reasons to book a romantic hunting trip with Rocky Mountain Elk Ranch.

The Area around Newdale, ID, Is Gorgeous

Our lodge is ideally located within the mountains and showcases marvelous panoramic views and sprawling vistas. By combining western conventionalism with modern luxury, we put a great deal of consideration into creating a setting that lends itself to discovery, exploration, and wonder. As a result, you’ll find yourself surrounded by inspiration, scenic beauty, and an abundance of tranquility, further adding to your romantic hunting trip.

Unrivaled Amenities

As soon as you step foot on our slice of paradise, you’ll feel as if you’re right at home. First of all, handcrafted log furniture, a wrap-around deck with 100-mile vantage points, and private balconies to complement the comfortable lounge area will greet you. What’s more, our neighbors at the bottom of the hill offer hot springs for a relaxing soak after a long day of chasing elk. You also won’t have to worry about bringing and maintaining foodstuffs since we’ll be providing you with three hearty meals each day.

The Best Guaranteed Elk Hunts

Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty. What makes guided elk hunting in Idaho so excellent is the same thing that makes a romantic hunting trip an intimate experience. You and your partner will share heightened emotions ranging from frustration to tears of joy. Hunting requires you to meander through diverse feelings, and who better to share that with than the one you sleep next to at night? Not only will you and your special someone disconnect from life’s trials and tribulations, but you’ll also grow closer as you plan your days. Furthermore, spending time with your partner while hunting will help you peer deeply into their mind, body, and soul.

Guaranteed Elk Hunts near Newdale, ID

Going on a romantic hunting trip may not seem like the most traditional way to ignite the flames of love, but one thing is sure, it will bring you closer to your partner, unlike anything else. Life’s best memories are those we share with the ones we hold dear to our hearts, and we firmly believe few things can bring you closer than hunting. For more information or to make a reservation, please reach out to us online or call 208-351-7301.